Healing literally means ‘to make whole’ (source Wikipedia).

The healing process is the restoration to health of an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism.

Our natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and wellbeing. The physical body is the manifestation of our energy system, which consists of seven major and several minor energy centers called chakras.

When our energy field is imbalanced and overloaded, we are not feeling good. We might start to feel grumpy, lazy and feeling powerless. This negative energy, which is held in our energy field, is creating blockages to the natural flow. This can deplete our vitality and potentially lead to disease.

Emotion is a powerful force of buzzing energy, and if is negative and suppressed. Sooner or later will manifest as chronic or acute condition.


The treatment is a special time set aside only for you, so you can switch off and replenish and recharge your batteries and enjoy a sense of inner peace.

It's the amazing journey back to yourself, uncovering and clearing the layers of protection (energy blocks) you build up during your lifetime so far.