Healing can help with physical and emotional problems and is helpful in alleviating a wide range of conditions:

- It creates deep relaxation and helps the body to release stress and tension, which also accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities.

- Encourages a better sleep pattern

- Can help with healing injuries and chronic problems such as asthma, eczema, headaches, and many more conditions not listed

- It also assists in the breaking of addictions.

- Helps to relieve pain.

- Through removing energy blockages, it adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony

- Assisting the body in cleansing itself from toxins.

- Release of anger and other emotions.

- Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy.

- Increases joy, fulfillment, satisfaction and reduces depression.

- Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing, self-confidence and aiding intuition.